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Vegetation stages

Vegetation was the first topic to be the focus of Phenoclim participatory protocols. Present all around us, trees and other plants of the programme are easy to observe provided that you are attentive to the details that differentiate the important phenological stages.

Débourrement du mélèze - © CREA Mont-Blanc

To participate in the observation of flora, several steps are necessary:

Initially, you have to choose and accurately describe an observation zone (your garden, a forest close to where you live…) where three plants or trees of three different species are found, chosen among a list of 10 plant species studied in the programme.

After marking the plants to be sure that you recognise them throughout the seasons, you just have to record a certain number of details on the website about the zone (like the altitude, among other things) and the species chosen.

In the spring and autumn, visit your observation zone once a week to observe developments and note the dates when you observe important stages described in the protocol (budding, flowering, foliation, falling of leaves…). Several documents and photos will help you to recognise them accurately.

Refer to the complete protocol

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