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Return of migratory birds

Just like the seasonal rhythm of plants, those of animals are observed over time. The monitoring of species of both kingdoms is indispensable in order to better comprehend the consequences, at the ecosystem level, of potential gaps between fauna and flora under the influence of climate change.

Through the Phenoclim programme, CREA is interested in the return of migratory birds to the Alps. To participate in the observation of these birds, several steps are necessary:

First and foremost, there is the choosing of the birds that visit the surroundings where you live among the five common species studied. The well-informed ornithologists may choose their species from an expanded list of eleven birds that are more difficult to recognise.

In spring, you have to monitor the return of the very first birds for each species. The overall total of nesting birds will only arrive several weeks later, you have to make sure that you do not miss the first arrivals. 

Then you just have to enter, in the dedicated internet portal, the number of individuals, the location and the date on which they were observed.

Refer to the complete protocol

Refer to the dedicated webpage: CREA site

Migration, in short

A lot of birds change location based on the seasons: a location to reproduce and raise the young ones in the spring and another one in a milder climate to be able to feed during the winter.

Certain birds come from the North and take refuge in our geographical region for the winter. Others, on the other hand, reproduce in the Alps in the nice weather then return to more favourable regions between the Mediterranean and tropical zones where they will find more food for the winter.

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