Citizen science in mountain environments
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The Phenoclim programme is open to everyone, year round, and participation is entirely free of charge. You just have to live in one of the following mountain ranges: Alps, Vosges, Jura, Pyrenees, Massif Central and Corsica and have a desire to observe in a productive manner the nature that surrounds us. From the valley floors to the summit peaks, all observations are essential for making comparisons.

Plan de l'aiguille, Rendez-vous du CREA 2014

Discovery without prerequisites

Phenoclim scientific protocols are adapted to amateurs. Thus, no skill or knowledge base is required. To allow everyone to fully benefit from the programme, CREA also suggests various forms of support, like observation guides, a calendar of phenological events or educational files to download in the Toolbox.

Autonomous but with support

The researchers of CREA are always available to help participants with their observations. Directly or through educational connections, they can also get involved at schools or with companies in order to assist volunteers with the set up of the project or working with observations and results.

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