Citizen science in mountain environments
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Phenoclim is a scientific and educational programme inviting the public to measure the impact of climate change on mountain fauna and flora. Launched in 2004, it involves two scientific disciplines: phenology and climatology.

Bénévoles Phénoclim au dessus de Chamonix pendant les Rendez-vous du CREA 2014 - © CREA Mont-Blanc

"Pheno" for phenology - "Clim" for climatology

Focus on the flora

Phenoclim focuses on ten species of trees and plants, common in the mountains : larch, spruce, downy and silver birches, ashtree, hazelnut tree, common lilac, mountain ash, cowslip and coltsfoot.

What about the fauna?

Twelve species of birds and one amphibian have enriched the Phenoclim programme: the black redstart, the crag martin, the barn swallow, the house martin, the common cuckoo, the common swift, the chiffchaff, the blackcap, the ring ouzel, the northern wheatear, the water pipit, the coal tit and the common frog.

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