Citizen science in mountain environments
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The observers

The Phenoclim community has brought together close to 5,000 individuals for more than 10 years – private individuals, nature professionals, students and teachers, associations or companies.

Bénévoles Phénoclim au dessus de Chamonix pendant les Rendez-vous du CREA 2014 - © CREA Mont-Blanc

The programme is open to all provided that they reside in one of the following mountain ranges: Alps, Vosges, Jura, Pyrenees, Central Massif and Corsica – be it the French, Swiss, Italian or Spanish side. CREA encourages the participation of companies that wish to support the actions of researchers and get their salaried employees directly involved in an innovative and meaningful project.

Very professional amateurs

Led directly by the researchers, the volunteers “become professionals” quickly, even if they consider “their degree of expertise in botany to be average”*. Today the programme primarily involves well-informed individuals who already have an awareness of environmental questions and what is at stake with climate change. The greater their experience, the more reliable and useful their data are for science. 

*According to a sociological analysis of the Phenoclim programme carried out in 2014 by Bruno Strasser and Patricia Silveira of the University of Geneva.

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Since 2004

The Phenoclim programme is one of the oldest participatory science programs in France. Open to all without any social, age or skill conditions, Phenoclim has evolved significantly in order to adapt to its volunteers and to guarantee the longevity of the observations.