Citizen science in mountain environments
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The Observatoire Des Saisons

The Observatoire Des Saisons (ODS) is a participatory science programme for monitoring the phenology of flora and fauna, carried out in the lowlands of metropolitan France since 2008.

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From the lowlands to the mountains

Launched by a Research Association of the CNRS (GDR Observatoire des Saisons), ODS integrates several additional initiatives, including Phenoclim. ODS and Phenoclim work as partners and share their data and results – the first regarding the plain areas, the second regarding the mountain areas.

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The vast network created thanks to these initiatives allows several amateur observers to augment the quantity of scientific data and to directly help researchers to make scientific progress. The objective is to allow everyone to better understand climate change issues and to offer to the public authorities the necessary tools for comprehending its effects on the territory.

Lowlands or mountains?

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The database of the Observatoire des Saisons has compiled close to 160,000 pieces of data on 612 plant and animal species at 971 observation sites since 2006. The oldest data dates back to 1349 (vine). The combination of these contents are accessible online to everyone.