Citizen science in mountain environments
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The CREA and participatory science

The Research Centre on Alpine Ecosystems is a research organisation specialising in the study of mountain environments. A Non-Governmental Organisation, the CREA brings together research excellence and the sharing of knowledge with the public. An objective that materialises in particular in participatory science programmes open to all volunteers.

Découverte du programme Phénoclim par des écoliers franco-italiens pendant les Rendez-vous du CREA 2014 - © CREA Mont-Blanc

Science, everyone participates!

Research cannot be carried out independently from society. Starting off with this assessment, the CREA is bridging the scientific world and the general public. The CREA scientific approach has proved efficient as shows the joint participation of researchers and citizens to its programmes.

Thanks to protocols that are accessible to all but that are not less rigorous, CREA allows everyone to collect data that is useful to researchers and, as a result, to contribute to advances in science.

Connected sciences

To facilitate everyday life of the volunteers, CREA provides them with the functionalities of the Phenoclim website and the associated mobile application. These tools allow them to transfer collected data in real time and to make mobile, autonomous observations.

Discover the Phenoclim application

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